Getting started with Foreman

Today, there is a great number of available tools allowing quick OS deployment and configuration, status monitoring and maintenance of the desired configuration. Here, the absolute leader for Win is SCCM. While full-featured analogues for *nix have just started to take on momentum. Nowadays, an administrator has to cope with a variety of tools and each of them performs its own role. This is convenient for development, but greatly complicates the support, while the results are not quite obvious. Foreman project, to be more precise, The Foreman is, in fact, an add-on for some open source solutions, which provides system management throughout system lifecycles from deployment and configuration to monitoring (Provisioning, Configuration, Monitoring). With it you can easily automate any repetitive tasks, manage changes on thousands of servers located on bare hardware or in the cloud, monitoring their status. The concept of server groups “config group” allows giving commands to multiple systems regardless of their location.

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